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    @keith @nobody

    So the swelling has generally come all the way down but the pain still persists after long walks mainly on the base of my foot and around the top of the toe. As you know I’ve discussed this with two separate rheumatologists and have a professor to see in September. Anyway, I finally decided to give Colchicine a try and took my first 0.5mg tablet this morning to see how my body reacts should I need it.

    Anyway, 2 hours into taking it everything seems OK actually. I’m not expecting anything in the way of getting my foot back in shape from the one tablet. It was just to see if I can tolerate the stuff in the event of a flareup prior to starting Febux.

    Only side effects I’ve noticed is a dry mouth and throat and an increased urge to drink water, I’ve also noticed a slight headache and a very slight loss of voice. Otherwise things seem OK. I was wondering if these side effects are something you guys experienced the very first time you took Colchicine or every time you took it.
    If any side effects did occur during your use, how long did they take to settle down?

    Thanks guys.

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    I don’t recognize the side effects you mention but I might have misattributed “urge to drink water” to stress and/or inflammation when it’s actually a colchicine side effect. Drinking water is healthy anyway.
    I might also have shrugged off slight headaches.

    I’d put the side effects I experienced in two categories:
    -weird initial side effects
    -dose-dependent gastrointestinal side effects and liver stress
    The second category does not go away quickly even if the dose is lowered and and should not be triggered by a single pill. It seems I typically need to take quite a lot of colchicine before such effects become noticable. These are potentially serious side effects and I’ve been told to see them as a hint that I might be taking too much colchicine.
    The first category though, I can get that on the first pill especially if I take a full 1.0 mg (I often cut these pills in half and spread the intake over time). In fact, I often get them only on the first pill after a while off colchicine. The most noticeable side effects in that category are itching eyes and feeling like I’ve got a slight fever. But I got other seemingly nonsensical and harmless side effects which go away on their own within hours to a day even in the face of dose increases.

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    Rebecca Nahid
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    I am one of these weird people that always seems to get Side Effects nobody else gets when I first took Koko Jean I had a big loss of appetite and that’s how I lost a few pounds and yes I was I had a dry mouth and a bit of insomnia I have my body got used to it after a while

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