Dairy Extract Pills?

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    chris mousel
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    While reading update material, I became aware of the product mentioned in my title.
    Is there a brand name associated with the non-protein dairy pills available for consumption in lowering SUA levels?

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    Sorry, I was mistaken. I looked it up and it turns out milk thistle is actually a plant! Maybe I should qualify my statements more carefully next time I’m working from old memories…
    There have been studies using dairy extracts other than protein but I’m not remembering any other pill than the one which doesn’t actually contain dairy… which isn’t to say that there’s no such pill of course. And if you’ve got no particular reason to avoid dairy protein, you can use regular dairy extracts.

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    I did find random pills purported to contain orotic acid online. Unlike the milk thistle pills which seemed serious enough, I can’t recommend them and so won’t link to them but there you go: there actually are pills containing compounds other than protein normally found in dairy and known to lower uric acid. 🙂 I should note that there is a concern about the carcinogenic effects of high doses. Best case scenario: you would only get a small fraction of the benefits of dairy so better consume regular dairy products if you can tolerate them both physiologically and ethically.

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