Do you know a Gout Specialist in The Philippines?

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    Keith Taylor
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    I know that many GoutPal readers live in The Philippines. So I hope one of you can suggest a good gout specialist. Because I’m worried for a gout sufferer who posted a comment on my Facebook page:

    been taking it for 2 months, my uric acid goes down real quick, but when I stop taking it, my uric acid go up just for a short span of 3 months […] the doctor told me to take allopurinol for 2 months, 1 every days and advises me to take it in the night before going to sleep. I follow it for 2 months, it does lower my uric acid. But when I stop taking it goes up again for 3 months because of my kidney problem, i stop taking allopurinol coz I’m thinking maybe my uric acid will not go up again, but ill be taking it again for 2 months just to lower my uric acid then try to manage not to make my uric go up again,

    I expressed my concerns about taking allopurinol for 2 months then off for 3 months. But it might be the only way for this gout patient. Either way, I’d like to think Vincent could get a second opinion.

    So if you know a good gout specialist in The Philippines, please let us know.

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