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    Deb Kamerer
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    Naproxen didn’t help, prednisone now for 4 days not working, what next

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi Deb, I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering from horrendous gout pain and I hope I can help you.

    Firstly, you must understand – gout pain is a different experience for each gout sufferer. So you need to develop your own gout pain management strategy. Then we can work out ways to control your gout pain until you can get full gout recovery. But full gout recovery can take several weeks/months/years depending on how bad your gout is and how long you had it.

    The good news is, we can help you control your gout pain very effectively. But the bad news is, you’ve given me absolutely no information to help you. Because to help you properly, I need to know:
    – More about the timing of your first gout attack.
    – What your doctor said. Especially, did your doctor escalate from naproxen to the prednisone? Or were you just taking naproxen over the counter? Most importantly, what did your doctor say about any follow-up?
    – Much more about you personally, if you want help long-term beating this for good.

    So, with so little info, all I can suggest is seeing your doctor as soon as you can. But also, you can browse and search to find more information. Perhaps you could start at How Do I Stop Gout Pain?

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