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    Irfan Majid

    I have mild gout problem and for the past few years I have totally cut down on red meat products. However, I feel this has lowered my overall body resistance and strength.

    How can I maintain my required protein levels while avoiding the uric acid problem?

    [Posted via GoutPal Helpdesk ticket #2815 from an old forum post about Protein And Uric Acid Connection. The most relevant gout guideline is Protein Rich Foods: Current Recommendations. Protein information on GoutPal needs updating.]

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    Keith Taylor
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    A small amount of meat in your diet is important for balanced health. If you adopt a vegetarian diet, be sure to eat sufficient dairy protein and vegetable protein. Spinach, asparagus, and broccoli are particularly good sources of protein.

    I’m concerned that you say ” I feel this has lowered my overall body resistance and strength. ” You should consult a doctor if diet changes make you feel unwell.

    I’m also concerned that you do not mention your uric acid levels.

    To eat healthily for gout, you must monitor uric acid levels. Then, you can plan gout control properly. I can help you plan your diet if you wish.

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