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    Hi, I tried raw lemon juice (1 or or 2 lemons) during gout attack or otherwise. This helps to keep my uric acid level at normal with oout taking allopurinol. Are there any issues following this?
    I do take general precautions for lemon like washing mouth to avoid dental issues. Some one told raw lemon juice will create ulcer! I’d that true.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Thanks for posting about your gout and raw lemon juice. So that I can answer your questions better, I need some more information.

    Because, I’m not sure what you mean by:

    This helps to keep my uric acid level at normal

    Can you explain how you test your uric acid (home meter, doctor, etc). Also, do you have any test results that compare now, with before you started regular lemon juice?

    Lemon Juice for Gout photo

    Have lemons helped your gout?

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