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    Jyothish Nair
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    I am 40 years old male with height of 178 cm & weight of 77 Kg. When I woke up on 19th May 2018, I had a severe pain in the back side of my left ankle which made it literally impossible for me to get out of the bed. After 4 days, still limping severely, I had been to the GP who ordered blood tests and the result shown Uric acid level of 8.9 mg/dL. I was prescribed allopurinol 100 mg X 3 times a day. The pain flares up and reduces(but never stopped) since then and I have been limping for these duration due to the continuous pain. I used to consume alcoholic drinks once in 2 months (a maximum of 60 ml). But since the pain, I have kept away from any form of alcohol.I consume Chicken & seafood once a week. Rest of the days I am on a vegetarian diet.
    Can anyone please tell me whether Gout attack will last this long & do I need to take another medicine? (even as of today, I have severe pain in my ankle (back side).

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    If allopurinol is the only medicine you take, yes you should be taking another medicine.
    You shouldn’t quit allopurinol. Typically, people take allopurinol their whole life. It takes care of the cause of gout but curing gout takes a long time.
    In the meantime, there are many medicines that can help with the pain, swelling and so forth. The most common are a class of fast-acting anti-inflammatory drugs called NSAIDs which includes ibuprofen.

    Gout attacks do not typically last this long but it is not unheard of.
    When people start taking allopurinol especially, they often get frequent attacks. Frequent attacks could of course feel like a single attack of varying intensity if the location of the pain doesn’t change.

    Finally, you didn’t ask about that but it would be prudent to get another blood test done if you haven’t had one since starting allopurinol. First, you need to make sure your body tolerates allopurinol well (typically, liver and kindney function are checked). Second, the efficacy of allopurinol should be verified because it varies between individuals (some people take a higher dose than you do while others take a smaller dose).

    Goof luck!

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