Gout heat or ice

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    my experience may not be generally applicable to everyone , I am just reporting my thoughts on the subject. 3 days after taking 3 colchicine pills still sore and considering taking 3 more. Instead I thought I would try soaking in my hot tub at 103 degrees long enough to bring up my core temp and then use the foot jets for massage. While doing that I decided to up the temp to 104. Then I noticed my spa heater outlet was much hotter and decided that while I didn’t want my core temp to go over 104 degrees I didn’t see why my gouty toe couldn’t take more heat. Using the jets mostly around all my foot I thought would be helpful be for circulation which with the temp dissolve some crystals. My toe looked really bad when I got out but after it cooled down the pain was reduced . I did the same thing the next night ( last night) and the following morning it still looked swollen and red but almost pain free. I am writing this as I take a break from yard work and getting hydrated and wanted to look up temp V’s urate solubility and found myself here. My personal conclusion is that for me it was very helpful and I will likely try it again. I did prehydrate and drank a lot of water after to rehydrate. I can’t say how well this would at the beginning of a flare but recovery time seemed much shorter than any previous flare. My concept of raising my core body temp and massagging the whole foot for increased circulation to dissolve any crystals quicker while also using cherry juice and water before and after seemed to work for me. This method ( high temp spa ) might be dangerous for some people . I am used to 103 degrees as I use that temp when I need to stretch when my back hurts.

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