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    Eric Bolvin
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    Hi; I am trying a low carb diet and wonder if it can affect gout. I am not really eating more red meat, just chicken and fish but no fruit, bread, pasta, etc. So more veggies. There may be a bit more fat in this diet, but not much, but there is more protein.
    The thing is I think I am starting an attack and my Uric levels are low 3.6. I took colchicine and indocin and already feeling better.
    So maybe it’s “old crystals” that I have been reading about? How long do they take to dissolve? Is colchicine the drug that eliminates them?


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    Old crystals can take years to dissolve though they are often eliminated in less than a year. The longer you’ve had untreated gout, the longer the cleaning process is likely to take.
    Colchicine doesn’t eliminate the crystals. It only makes them less troublesome.

    Low carbs diets seem to cause problems for gout sufferers. Perhaps you could try a less extreme diet.
    Stuffing yourself with bread is not recommended while eating lots of veggies is. But you can overdo carb-watching. Eating some fruit is recommended (they’re not all equally carb-heavy). I don’t think you have to eat grains but if you’re avoiding grains, I think you should make sure you’re getting a decent amount of carbs from veggies and dairy.
    Chicken and especially fish can be worse than red meat for gout sufferers but that should be irrelevant if your uric acid tests at 3.6 mg/dl. Are you sure it’s that low?

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