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    Justinn Dela Cruz Wong
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    Hello I, like most of the males in my family, suffer from gout, and had a few relatives die from it (i.e. my great grand-father because he took different meds for it in the 80’s). to start it off, i’m only 22 years old as of the posting of this thread, and i’ve been suffering for gout since i was around 15 years old, though it was only diagnosed when i was 19 since juvenile gout was something rare, my doctors said. when I was younger i never ate anything that was “bad” for gout. and only when I started highschool (it’s actually middleschool in other countries, my country’s educational system was weird) that I started too eat more stuff like street foods and game meats. one day on our third year, after a gaming session at a local internet. My right foot was in pain, and i had to limp to go home, since i blew my money on computer gaming. we went to the doctor and he said that it was only a problem on the nerves so he prescribed me some pain killers and b vitamins.

    The pain went away after a week, and only had 3 attacks in the span of 2 years. it was only when I reached college at the age of 17 when it got worse, by this time I was getting attacks every 3 months and we always went to the doctor. the doctor would prescribe me different medicines including pain relievers and vitamins and some meds to help the blood flow. I started smoking around this time also.

    After two more years i experienced my worse string of attacks yet. I got attacks every 3 weeks, and the pain was excruciating. I had quit smoking by the time i had those attacks. it was the time where the doctor actually took my blood sample and found out that i had gout, at 19.

    My parents were actually shocked that at my age I actually was suffering from gout. so my meds changed to allopurinol and colchicine.

    When i was 20 I started smoking again and the gout flares actually subsided a bit and i only suffered gout once every 3 months, by this time i actually avoided eating game meats, drinking red bull and lipovitan and started to drink more liquids.

    Now i only have experienced 4 gout attacks since the start of 2017, and though most of them made me unable to walk, it was only because i had not taken any of the meds on the first sign of a gout flare.

    though the story is short I only wanted to share my experience with gout. currently having gout right now and it’s almost subsiding, but with the help of some diet and meds, and a bit of patience, it’s tolerable right now. I don’t take allopurinol or Febuxostat right now though since I felt no better from taking them. and only take allopurinol and some herbal remedies.

    Now I would like to ask what would be good medicine and food to help with gout. and does smoking really help in gout?

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    Your family members might have better advice than strangers. Your family might react to foods and meds differently than most people.

    Allopurinol isn’t supposed to make you feel better. The same goes for febuxostat. They’re supposed to get at the root cause, which can make you feel worse for quite a while before you get better.

    If you want to know what meds could relieve gout symptoms, what most people take for that is anti-inflammatories (like ibuprofen). A warning though: it’s uncommon but people do damage their organs or even die from taking too much of that stuff for too long. So be careful.

    The foods you need most depends on your diet, what meds you take or avoid and so forth but dairy is generally recommended… if you can digest it well and don’t get cholesterol problems from it that is.

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    urankjj .
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    Forget smoking, the only thing that helps with is ones own early demise. Food, I would start by cutting out all red meat and most seafood and poultry, probably the last thing you want to hear, but they seem to be a pivotal trigger for many gout sufferers. Also try to eliminate all HFCF, (high fructose corn syrup), yes it is an ingredient in almost everything on store shelves today, but you can live without it. Look for other ‘low fructose’ sweeteners for everyday use. Meds, don’t use them if you don’t have to, especially at your age. Read my earlier posts on home supplementation and do your research. We are learning new things everyday. Stay Gout-Free….

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