Gout triggered by ammonium chloride?

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    Karsten Pedersen
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    I love candy, but when I consumed candy with ammoniumcmloride in Denmark called Turkish pepper, I got my first attack my left the big toe joint. I reduce sweets and sugar drank 2+ liter of water as I read in your page. Thank you for a most helpfull page. A month mater I was tempted by the Turkish paper and consumed 100-150g and got the gout once more.
    I wonder Is it ammonium chloride that trigger gout?
    Best regards Karsten

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    Ammonium chloride is an acidifying agent which is known to trigger gout. But is there enough of the stuff in Turkish perpper? I don’t know.
    Ammonium chloride seems to lower the amount of uric acid excreted by gout sufferers who aren’t on a low-purine diet. The extra uric acid retained by the body doesn’t en up in the blood but in the cells (and possibly the joints?) as the acidifying effect of ammonium chloride alters the transfer of uric acid from/to the blood.

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