“Grape Tomatoes”?

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      anon discussion

      Hi –

      Thank you for hosting this forum. Looking forward to learning and talking.

      First question: It’s relatively minor, but I can’t find any information as to purines, uric acid and grape tomatoes. It came up because it happens to be what my grocery store had for sale and I picked up a couple of small packages, but have recently been through a gout attack and am more keen than I was to review all foods. This is one food I can’t find reviewed for gout-related concerns either online or in some of the helpful-seeming apps I can download to my phone.

      I do like the information out there on tomatoes seeming to say that while technically they may be low in purines, some gout sufferers do find they are an issue. However, I’m treating tomatoes as a somewhat separate question for now.

      Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on how I might want to see grape tomatoes, I would appreciate it.

      Photos in this article seemed to be helpful to distinguish between grape and cherry tomatoes:

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      Tomatoes redux: some minerals, a little fructose, basically no proteins.
      In order to make your life easier, I would suggest the following approach when it comes to purines: roots, seeds and seed packaging (fruits and such) are all fine except for legumes.

      More generally, looking at every single thing you might eat in order to explain gout attacks or prevent them is a fool’s errand. Diets need to be assessed as a whole, not by judging the parts on arbitrary crietria.
      The most important part of gout management is typically not what you eat anyway. How many times have you got the amount of uric acid in your blood measured and what was the latest result?

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      anon discussion

      Thanks, but does anyone have information on grape tomatoes (not tomatoes)? I don’t think it’s such a bad ignorant terrible thing to ask for more information about a specific food, if someone else out there might have the information. Thanks for the broader ideas around roots, seeds, legumes. I”ll check more into it.

      Uric acid levels have been measured, and at least two attacks have warranted hospital visits in the last few years.

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      Asking about speicifc foods would be fine if it didn’t distract from the work of avoiding more hospital visits and worse.
      Gout is typically easily cured, but not with tomatoes.

      Grape tomatoes are just another kind of tomato. Unless you have diabetes or some kind of rare allergy, the only differences between varieties of tomatoes you need to be concerned about is how they keep and how they taste.

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      kyiv stoner

      Thanks for review!

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        Paul Evans

        Everything in moderation but I find Tomatoes are my biggest trigger…. eating a large Pizza will trigger an attack for me…. stress and lack of sleep, getting drunk or drinking more than once or owice a week will also trigger me off…. since covid I have worked from home and put on weight and that has made me susceptable to all kinds of ankle/leg swelling problems (but less joint pain asfter the initial attack

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