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    Guaranteed Response is part of the gout forum where I guarantee to help you resolve a gout problem. Because sometimes you can get lost in the busy gout forum. So, your personal gout support forum means you always get the answers you need.

    Guaranteed Gout ResponseJune 2017 Update
    I have moved Guaranteed Response to a new section of this gout forum. Because I’ve collected all my personal gout support services into “My Gout”. So, please apply for Guaranteed Gout Response using this form:

    My Gout Application Form

    You must be logged in to apply for My Gout

    If you are not a member yet, joining is easy.

    Just. select one of the network icons where it says "Connect to GoutPal with:". Then click your selected icon ONCE and wait for this page to reload with your application form.

    For more information, see GoutPal Log In Help.

    My Gout Application Form

    I have suspended the "My Gout" service pending a review of scope, terms, and conditions. Please use the gout forum for any questions, experiences, and opinions about gout and uric acid.

    Original message:
    Guaranteed Responses to Your Gout Questions
    I’m writing this to explain how you are guaranteed to get a response from me.

    Just like uric acid levels, forum activity goes up and down naturally. So, I’m taking this quiet opportunity to do some housekeeping. Consequently, I’ve written the following explanation of my responses to gout questions. Also, I’m taking this opportunity to introduce my latest version of GoutPal Surveys. But, please note that GoutPal Surveys do not currently work in forums. So, I will direct you to some examples in a separate topic at a later date.

    Importantly, I’ve made surveys available to anonymous visitors, as well as GoutPal members. Because, I want to consider the opinions of all visitors. So, I will phase out my GoutPal Helpdesk, replacing it with Gout Surveys. But, that makes it even more important to explain how I respond to various requests for help.

    Each day, I first check Support Requests in the Personal Gout Diary forums. Then, I look for other posts in the Diary and Management Plan forums that might need attention.

    Next, I look at the rest of the gout forums to see if I can help with new topics, or replies to existing topics. occasionally, when forums are busy, I might miss something that needs a response. So, that is why I introduced Support Requests in the Personal Gout Forums.

    Finally, I consider questions that have been asked via Gout Survey forms. Because, I understand that some people prefer to keep health issues anonymous. So, all visitors to GoutPal have a chance of getting help with specific gout problems. But, I can only guarantee a response where GoutPal Members have posted a Support Request in their personal forum.

    To conclude, my response levels to gout questions, in order of priority are:
    1. Support Requests in personal forums.
    2. Other posts in personal forums.
    3. Posts in general gout forums.
    4. Questions from nonmembers on GoutPal Survey forms, which are interesting enough to post to my forums, or other comments.

    Note that I have an option at the end of each Gout Survey form to include an email address. As usual, I never share your email address with anyone else. Also, I only use it to inform visitors that I have published information that is relevant to their comments.

    I’d like GoutPal Members, as well as visitors, to complete my gout surveys. But, remember, if you have personal gout questions, it’s best to ask them in a new topic.

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