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    Alan Straub
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    I am considering starting allopurinol but scared to death of stevens-johnsons syndrome. I can usually knock an attack out with one dose of med and be almost better the next day but i miss so much food i would like to eat and i miss not eating anything i want for a few days after attack. wondering how folks can take allopurinol when the side effect can be so deadly and gruesome. thanks much. ps also any tips on starting the med if i decide to?

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    Understand that these attacks are damaging your body. Over time, this crap can eat into bone at which point it takes forever to get rid of it. It also increases your risk of developing stuff like OA.
    Now you are correct that allopurinol is dangerous. So if you want to be safe, start with very small doses, increase the dose slowly, never take much more than you actually need and get your blood tested regularly for signs of distress as long as you are in the process of increasing your dose. You might also want to get a genetic test prior to starting the drug if you have East Asian ancestry.

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    d q
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    nobody has hit the nail on the head. Trust me, I’m relatively new to gout and I’ve only been taking medication for just over a year [side affects of Allopurinol made me move to Febuxostat instead and even now I’m in the process of working out if I’m OK to continue with it].

    The lingering pain that I deal with day to day may or may not go. The response I get from rheumatologists is simply once your uric acid levels are down for a sufficient period of time we will have a clearer picture.

    I’m no doctor but do a HLA-B*1502 gene test to get a little more information about your genes and maybe think about the outcome of not taking any drugs.

    p.s. you haven’t indicated just how high your uric levels are?

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