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    Hi I had blood work done last month. I had a positive ANA. My GP sent me to a rheumatologist which did more blood work and X-rays. I had high total crating cremate and high uric acid 8.8mg/dL. She didn’t seem concerned at all. She said to decrease my protein and that was it. I have constant joint stiffness and a lot of pain in the morning until I get limbered up. Your web site caught my attention and kind of gave me a scare. What do you think should be my next step?

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi Kelly,

    Besides suing your rheumatologist, I recommend my recent Stages of Gout Recovery: Your 6 Step Plan. Your GP should be able to prescribe allopurinol as I described in that article. But if you want to consider alternatives to allopurinol, we can discuss that first.

    As far a positive AntiNuclear Antibodies is concerned, the American College of Rheumatology advise that a single positive test result is no cause for concern. #However, you should ask your GP about getting retested.

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    So can high uric acid cause pain in all joints or just the big toe? She did ask if my big toe was hurting, which it isn’t. The joint pain and stiffness is why they ran a bunch of test. It seems to be worse if I have an asthma attack.

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