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    Hi Keith,
    I was going through my old posts here and I noticed that you asked me about tourism in Goa. Sorry that I couldn’t check it before..This is a very delayed reply but better late than never.

    I am not sure for how long you are planning to stay but you can find decent flats to rent for your stay here–India?s_tag=XxJyhqUB&allow_override%5B%5D=
    You can checkout the review of those flats and how the owner responds and pick your choice.

    Next up is transportation. The cabs here are really costly. You can rent a motorbike from one of the many available there. Honestly we enquired with the cab driver who picked us up at the airport and he suggested one vendor and we rented an Activa bike for 400 rupees. The price may vary depend on the type of bike you rent but this was quite affordable choice for us. Later a friend of mine told me that the vendor charged me an extra 100 bucks for me. There is no standard pricing here and those greedy vendors will always try to rip you off and you are especially vulnerable since you would be a foreigner here. Good luck with that. But we enjoyed roaming around in the bikes and they are quite handy if you want to try different restaurants based on zomato rating.

    The main attraction in Goa are the infinite number of beaches and the pubs surrounding those beaches. There are a number of water sports as well. Mostly we used to hang out around the Calangunte beach and the baga beach adjacent to it. You can try parasailing, water biking against the tide, banana ride(real fun if you do not know how to swim) and other water sports as well. You can find a number of pubs just adjacent to the beaches as well. I take very limited alcohol and I am more into night clubs. Personally I liked this more than any other bar in Goa because of the dancing around and some yummy snacks here

    There are other adventures that you can do like Paragliding and Scuba diving as well but I didn’t try those but you get so many options near the Arambol beach in Goa. I found this beach to be peaceful than the other crowded beaches like Calangunte and Vagator.

    My most enjoyable time was in the casino. Casinos are quite rare in India and Deltin Royale is the only casino that I have been to. It offers many packages and we had to fork out 4500 bucks to have access to the casino, buffet, sky bar, stand up comedy, live performances etc. Of course this is apart from how much you would gamble on different sports over there 😉 You can find more info about it here but I would say it is the best place in Goa

    Most importantly I would ask you to stay away from tourist guides who try to lure tourists into the rave parties. Many promise complimentary special packages(like scuba diving etc) in places outside the Goa city. Most of them involve a lot of illegal drugs and many people get caught in the police raids over there.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hey Sandeep, thank you for this information about Goa. I agree with you about Airbnb – I always look there first.

    I’m busy catching up with outstanding June posts at the moment. So, I’ll respond properly once I’ve finished that.

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