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    Keith Taylor
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    I’ve just tried spreading the word about Journalist wants to interview gout sufferers on social media. It reminded me how little time I have these days for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

    Do you use these networks? What about others like Pinterest or Instagram?

    If you have some spare time, I’d love some help with promoting GoutPal on social networks. It could be you posting as you. Or it could be you administering my social network accounts.

    If you’re interested, please comment below, and let me know what you want in return.

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    Carolyn Poulter
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    I am happy to help Keith. I have to manage my data usage but I certainly would have the personal time to do maintenance and upkeep. I have been online since 1993 full time. I actually used a very early form of the ‘net’ back in the mid 1970’s. Played a kind of game – a bit like Zork when I should have been writing programs and getting punch cards to work. Misspent youth ;o) I was an early adopted of Usenet, IRC, ICQ, later FaceBook which I then dropped for years because I don’t like some of their business practices but in the end I went back to the dark side and rejoined, I use Twitter. Can’t say I’m a fan of Pinterest or Instagram though I understand the program and business model. I can code, write Java and Javascript, pretty good with image software – I once turned an unwanted person in a company group photo into a Ficus Tree so they could keep the online photo but not have him in it.

    If you think I can help let me know. Be aware though that I veer heavily towards puns, silly laughs and so on though I can reign it in if something serious does pop up. Woudn’t want anything in return unless you can come up with a brilliant way for me to earn at least enough to whisk my better half away for the odd naughty weekend and/or get me ‘air done every now and then!

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      Keith Taylor
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      Yet again Carolyn, you’ve made my day. My post was a knee-jerk reaction to me realizing how little I was doing to promote GoutPal on social networks, these days. I never thought through the ramifications of actually getting a response! All that means is, I haven’t prepared a list of things to do.

      My philosophy is “Do something you enjoy, then find ways to make enough money from it”. Enough is the operative word. It’s different things to different people. At least for me, it changes through time. It’s more than the French, who seem to think one egg is enough. 😀

      Are we both veering the same way there?

      Anyway, we can discuss opportunities as they arise. I’ve so much to say on the topic of earning and learning online, but I’ll rein myself in for now.

      I think the best place to start is Twitter. I’ve followed you as a first step. Now, I’ve learned I need to create a team in TweetDeck for GoutPal Twitter account. I’ll organize that, and come up with a plan. I’ve got a busy (definitely NOT naughty 🙁 ) weekend, so the plan might be early next week.

      If you want to try spread the force into the dark side, I can add you to GoutPal Facebook page as an administrator.

      Or, this can be completely casual, and you can simply tweet/Facebook any of my pages that take your interest. (more on that later.)

      I’m left wondering what the poor guy did to get Ficus’d out. Forget the rubbers??? [duck] 😳

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      Keith Taylor
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      Hi Carolyn,

      I’ve just seen your request for me to email you in Andrew’s topic. Was it about this Social topic?

      Anyway, whatever it is, if you want to contact me privately, please use the orange Gout Help button. I put all my emails through the Helpdesk, so I can keep track of them. If the orange Gout Help button isn’t available, you can access the Helpdesk directly, using that link.

      I’ve realized that I need to add some structure to Social Network promotions. The first part is the little sharing icons at the end of each Topic/Page. I will prepare some documentation about how this will work. But, I need to catch up with forum posts, etc. Sorry this is taking longer than I anticipated. I won’t bore you with details of my delays.

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    I have ZERO social media other than a simple E mail account. No Facebook, no Twitter, No Instagram, No nothing. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t feel I’m interesting enough. My wife and kids have all that stuff, and I suppose maybe I feel it consumes too much of their lives. They are slaves to the internet. They are slaves to their phones and tablets.

    Me? I’d much rather be surfing in the ocean, than on the internet. I’d rather be hitting a golf ball on a golf course, or swooshing down some ski slope on my snowboard. Maybe I’m too old school, or what they would call a dinosaur but at 48 years old, I feel there is so much to do, to see, and to accomplish in life.

    My wife, kids and I go back and forth on this all the time. My son is totally on board with me. My wife and daughter not as much, but I do insist that when I’m home, the phones, tablets, and lap tops turn off and we do something together as a family unit……other than check our phones every 5 minutes.

    I will also say that my kids do not live with my wife and I. Both are single adults who have their own homes, but live close enough to us that they come by and visit all the time. That’s really my reason for insisting on turning off everrything. I’m not some iron ruler or some Ogre. Just plain old dad.

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      Keith Taylor
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      Those are very interesting thoughts, Patrick.

      I think Social Media has it’s place. It brings me joy occasionally, when old friends get in touch. Or, yesterday’s news from my nephew who lives 300 miles away – a new addition to our family next February.

      But, I’m annoyed when social media interrupts real social gatherings. I wholeheartedly agree with your “Turn it off” policy. Well, I agree. But, I’m not sure I’m wholehearted enough. I do keep my phone on most of the time. Even at my weekly social meeting with my Mum and friends. Occasionally, when we’re having an interesting discussion, I find it useful to find a fact that someone is struggling to recall. However, I’ve got into the habit of leaving my phone out of sight. And, I wait until I’m asked.

      On a professional level, I’m slightly outraged by the gouty rubbish on social media. I guess it’s an inevitable symptom of the Internet Marketing age. I’d like to do it better, to try and create a useful resource. Or at least steer people towards better resources. Obviously, I have some very selfish intentions there.

      Recently, I’ve simply ignored Facebook, Twitter, Google+, where I used to be active. I don’t feel any great personal loss from that. But, when I looked again recently, I realized I still have relevance on those networks.

      Now that I’ve thought this through more, I think I have a reasonable plan to engage with social media. I’ve started with Sharing Icons below each forum post, and other pages. Then, I’ll build on that to create more formal advocacy routines.

      That’s good for gout sufferers who engage with social media. Ideally, I’d have a good plan for engaging better with gout sufferers who want to socialize naturally. Maybe I should get beermats printed to encourage sensible gout discussions where it really matters??

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