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    I rely heavily on gout groups. Grouping different gout sufferers together is a great way to get them started with gout management.

    Gout management is usually easy. But, only if you start at the right place. For example, it is useless to discuss pros and cons of specific gout treatments with someone who is unsure about their diagnosis. Similarly, it is useless to discuss uric acid lowering drugs with gout sufferers who insist on gout treatment by lifestyle improvements.

    Ultimately, all gout management has to be personal. But, people get overwhelmed by lots of information when it doesn’t seem relevant. So, I say to people who are new to GoutPal: start by identifying your Gout Group.

    Now, there is lots of scope to improve that page:

    1. Have I chosen the best gout sufferer group names?
    2. Have I missed any Gout Groups?
    3. Are the questions clear enough to determine your Gout Group?
    4. When you identify which group you are in, is it clear what to do next?
    5. If you cannot identify your group, do you know how to get clarification?

    Besides those, you might have your own questions. You might have your own opinions about how I should explain Gout Groups. If so, join in the discussion at Improving Gout Groups for Gout Sufferers.

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