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    GoutPal Log In Help is too complicated. It works to explain different networks. But, it doesn’t help people who cannot see exactly where they should click.

    I think a video would be better. If this isn’t possible, then it’s best to show real screenshots that show a step-by-step process for asking a question. In fact, I think we need at least 4 procedures. Separate instructions for starting a new topic, and instructions for replying to an existing topic. Then, we need different versions of those for desktop and mobile users.

    Also, I noticed a slight discrepancy when I was trying to explain the procedure for replying to an existing topic. Unlike starting a new topic, you cannot go straight to the Reply form unless you are logged in. Adding #new-post to the end of a topic should also work for replying to an existing topic, especially for people who are not logged in.

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    stupid website

    I got email about someone’s gout attack. I clicked the link in the email message and went to answer his question. Did not see the question and was told I had to logon – how could I get into this website unless I was subscribed and got an email??? I had to where to logon. I did and when got in, could not find the question to answer it. I might as well unsubscribe instead of wasting my time —-

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