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    The discussion page Improving Help For Gout Dieter Group has had comments that should have been posted in the gout forum.

    It isn’t clear that personal questions should go to the forum. The discussion page is for general thoughts about improving help pages for the gout community. This also applies to all the other Gout Group pages in that series.

    If you have any ideas about making explanations clearer, please add them below.

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    Keith Taylor
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    This suggestion has good timing. I’ve also been looking at Improving Help For Arthritis Sufferers. That was the first page I wrote in the series about Gout Groups. It needs reviewing, especially for the typical information that is required to start a diary.
    I’m due to start the first GoutPal Gout Diary for an Arthritis Sufferer very soon. I’ll add my typical facts for arthritis sufferers here.

    It’s great that we get these discussions out in the open, rather than private notes in the Helpdesk. I think it’s our best chance of identifying which pages are most urgent for improvement.

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