Infection in finger gout.

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    Emer Bayron
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    I have a finger gout for 4 years and pain attack is on and off and this week I notice it has pus inside. After 2 days I consult the orthopaedic and got surgery to pop out the pus and have medication for 1 week,everyday antibiotic through injection and oral for 5 days,after I saw my finger not really healed still little swollen and there is blueish around the wound. I want to know about this condition because I feel tingkling pain in my finger.

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    Infections should to be dealt with separately from gout.
    Gout is a slow disease which is dealt with by lowering the amount of uric acid in one’s body. How much uric acid is there in your blood (it’s a routine test)?
    Infections on the other hand need to be treated seriously and without delay. If your antibiotic isn’t doing its job, you might require a different antibiotic. Or you might have a health condition which complicates healing after surgeries. Either way, you need to see a doctor.

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