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    André Chénier
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    I would like to share information about what can happen for a short while after you start to use Allopurinol.

    I read somewhere that this medication can cause a gout flare-up when you start using it.

    I experienced such a flare up about a week or so after starting.

    The base of my left big toe started to ache, then a dark spot appeared there. Then my urine started to cause a burning sensation at the tip of my penis.

    I was concerned because web sources of information advised to stop taking the medication immediately if you experienced a burning sensation during urination.

    Well, I gave it a bit more time, and very soon (2 days) the toe pain subsided, and so did the urination issue. Now everything is fine.

    Thought this info could be useful.

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    d q
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    Hello Andre,

    Thank you for your informative post.

    It’s always helpful for any new gout sufferer starting Allopurinol to get the widest level of knowledge possible. Please make sure you monitor your Uric Acid levels with your GP (preferably Rheumatologist) in a few weeks to make sure things are on the right track.


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