Keep testing for uric acid levels?

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    Jean Clyne
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    Uric acid level 5.7 mg/dl.
    Symptoms keeping under control with one celebrex every 3 days, vegetarian diet and low sugar intake.
    Canadian female, 145 lbs, 5 ft. 7, active.
    Symptoms of random finger pain off and on, burning hot tingling feet, worst symptoms started after horse stepped on big toe, months of this till figured out it was gout, doc confirmed, much better with veg diet, no sugar, don’t know where to go from here, try and control with diet, celebrex, curcumin cs, cherry concentrate.
    Keep testing for uric acid levels?

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    Lowell Andrew F.
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    I have very similar traits to you but am male.

    I would test my uric acid daily if I could, but I think that’s overkill as this all moves very slowly…look at it like moving to a different house or something. It’s a big project!

    I’m off allopurinol for the first time today due to some adverse effects and although I have slight pain back, I feel much better and no more side effects, so I guess it did its job. It could be much worse, as you know.

    Diagnosis always seems to take months.

    I’m not familiar with Celebrex but it sounds like you’re on the right track!

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    GoutPal HelpDesk
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    These 2 messages were posted as comments to Improving Help For Gout Dieter Group. I’ve moved them here for Keith to respond to.

    I’ve also suggested an improvement to make the discussion page explanations clearer.

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