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    Gary Noyes

    When I click on one of the “log in to gout forum” highlights on the GoutPal Log In Help page, it don’t display any box to enter your log in information, it just comes back up with the same page. There is no way to log in from this page.

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    GoutPal HelpDesk
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    Those pictures are just examples of what you see at the log in form. I’m sorry if that’s confusing. The actual login form is shown in a few different places. I’ll explain the process now. When you click the link below, you should be able to see the real buttons that allow you to log in.

    1. Click to add a new gout topic.
    2. Select one of the network icons where it says “Connect to GoutPal with:”.
    3. Wait for the new topic form to appear, then ask your question.

    Sorry again, for the confusion. I’ve changed the log in help page to make it clearer.

    If you still have problems logging in, please let the Helpdesk know. The best way is to click the orange Gout Help button. Then, describe your problem. Also, please add a screenshot, which helps us see what the problem is.

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