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    Is there a way to login and use your forums other then social network sites? I don’t use Facebook or twitter or any other of those sites


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    GoutPal HelpDesk
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    Keith’s working on clarifying procedures for posting in the forums. He should respond to this topic when he next logs in. On his instructions, I’ve posted this topic here, so that Keith can get the views of everyone who is interested in it.

    For people who cannot log in to the forums, we post messages from the Helpdesk. If anyone has a problem logging in, they can send messages using the orange Gout Help button, or the feedback form at the bottom of each page. We will eventually post Helpdesk messages to the forum. But, there is a big backlog, so there will be a delay before your messages are posted. There is nobody on the Helpdesk who understands gout, but we try to respond to technical issues as soon as we can. There’s a spare seat for a gout triage helper, if anyone is interested!

    Thank you for your patience
    GoutPal Helpdesk

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi James,

    Thank you for raising the issue of logging in using social networks. This is a topic that I worry about from time to time.

    I’m concerned that using other networks to control authorization might stop gout sufferers from seeking personal help. I never took the decision lightly, but of my choices, using approved networks seemed my best option.

    Before I bore you further, you might like to know that you can login now using the new Windows Live button that I’ve added to the “Connect to GoutPal with” networks. Windows Live is the network for all owners of Hotmail email accounts. This also applies to most Microsoft email domains. By email domain, I mean the first word after the @ symbol in your email address. The Microsoft email domains that I am aware of are: hotmail, live, msn, outlook, and passport.

    Log In to GoutPal with Windows Live screenshot

    I feel ashamed to have neglected the Microsoft network. When I started my working life, Microsoft were just starting to revolutionize office computing. After several years of ‘normal’ employment, I cut my self-employment teeth with Microsoft products. At one time I was #6 ranked MS-Access database programmer in the world. As well as physical work in Hong Kong, I got Microsoft-based virtual work in USA, Australia, and many other places I’ve forgotten. Yet, this year, I’m contemplating ditching my final Microsoft product – Windows on my desktop and laptop. Anyway, this is about logging in, not Microsoft especially. If anyone wants to share Microsoft thoughts, please start another General Discussion topic.

    As for logging in, I think I’ve solved James’ problem. I hope he logs in via his Hotmail account, and posts something about gout soon.

    What about other people?

    My other log-in choices were to use “traditional” Username and Password, or keep the forums completely open, and let anyone post. There are advantages, and disadvantages to both these alternatives. But, in my opinion, neither are better than using social networks.

    I agree with James about not using Facebook or Twitter. I have accounts with both of those. But, I cannot find time to use them. Actually, I mean I won’t make the time, because this forum and my main GoutPal.com site are much more interesting to me. Not to mention, my other website projects.

    Perhaps Social Networks is a misleading term, when it includes Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and now Windows Live. I don’t see these as ‘Social’ networks. I see them as Internet Essentials. My personal email choice is Google. When I started using the Internet seriously, I used Yahoo, which I still use occasionally.

    I honestly cannot imagine how anyone can use the Internet without one of the big email providers. I’m certainly not going to organize my email like I once had to. I shudder at the memory. When I had to run a program on my computer, then connect every so often to collect and send my mail. Nor am I going to rely on my Internet Service Provider for an email address. No way, am I going to be tied to a fly-by-night ISP for email continuity. Yes, British Telecom, you are definitely f-b-n in my household.

    Besides email, the service that I use to authorize log in (oneall) have many other networks available. I haven’t used them all because I don’t expect them to be popular. But, if you have a personal need for log in using a different network, please let me know. There are too many to list. Contenders include Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, reddit, vimeo, Foursquare, and PayPal.

    Anyway, those are some of my thoughts about logging in.

    I want to know what you think. I’ve asked Anna and her Helpdesk team, to post any tickets about logging in straight to this topic. So, you can air your views, without logging in, by clicking the orange Gout Help button. You can also use the Feedback Form below, or Submit a new Helpdesk ticket. All three of those send your message to the Helpdesk. You should get an immediate automated response. If you don’t get that immediate email, either you spelled your email address wrong (we all do it), or you need to check your email filters/spam box.

    There really is no reason not to tell me what you think about logging in to GoutPal.

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    d q
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    Dear Keith,

    I would like to sincerely thank you for assisting with my login issue. The Windows Live button works fantastically and I will use that going forward.

    Thank you again.

    Kind regards,

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    Keith Taylor
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    Thank you James. I love it when a plan works first time. 😀

    And thank you for your kind response – it’s made my day.

    Now, let’s get your gout controlled!

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    Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and the like are not essentials. Believe it or not, people use the Internet just fine without help from any of those corporations. I do use some of their products myself but I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. And if the people who really need privacy were the only ones not to do everything through such corporations, their behaviour would be dangerously conspicuous.
    I think of this stie as a good resource but had never posted here because logging in seemed so complicated for people who weren’t heavy social media users.
    But as it turns out, GoutPal currently also supports OpenID. I hadn’t used that in the longest time but I discovered this morning there remains at least one free provider. And once you have an account set up, you can conveniently login with a username and password using this URL: [non-approved URL removed by moderator]
    I don’t know why you have to go through this rigamarole in order to get an account though. Among other unnecessary and/or non-persistent information, I was asked for my DoB and gender (the only choices were male and female!). I provided a false name, postal code and DoB (the information is very obviously incorrect, not misleading) but otherwise answered as best as I could. I hope that (as well as my use of an alias) is OK with the site’s staff.
    I didn’t even need a valid email (though I elected to provide one) in order to create this account. All the OpenID provider required is passing a simple CAPTCHA so everything I did could be automated by a spammer and I don’t see what the benefit of requiring users to use third-party services instead of (optionally) providing them with accounts specific to your site the old-fashioned way. Thanks for supporting OpenID as an alternative to untrustworthy corporations though!

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      Keith Taylor
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      Err? I’m confused! 😮

      Are you telling me OpenID is OK, but I should drop all the other methods of logging in? I can’t see any advantage in that. And, it would seriously disadvantage those contributors who are happy using other options.

      I’d like to remind other readers who want better log-in options. There are many other services available that provide Single Sign On facilities. If you want me to add more choices, use the feedback form below (not shown if you are already logged in). These are the services that I can offer at the moment (* including current choices *). But, please feel free to suggest others:

      • Amazon
      • Battle.net
      • Blogger
      • Disqus
      • Dribbble
      • Facebook *
      • Foursquare
      • Github.com
      • Google *
      • Instagram
      • LinkedIn
      • LiveJournal
      • OpenID *
      • PayPal
      • Pinterest
      • PixelPin
      • Reddit
      • Skyrock.com
      • StackExchange
      • Steam
      • Twitch.tv
      • Twitter *
      • Vimeo
      • Windows Live *
      • WordPress.com
      • Yahoo *
      • YouTube *

      I’ve remove cyrillic options, as this is an English Speaking Forum. I’m open to partnership ideas for non-English speaking gout support providers.

      URL posting
      I’d also like to remind readers that it is courtesy to ask before posting URLs, unless they significantly add useful, non-exploitative gout information.

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    No, I don’t want you to break anything that’s working!
    I assumed logging in would be more trouble than it actually is and I mainly wanted to explain for the benefit of those who don’t use the Internet like you do that it’s possible to log in the old-fashioned way, using the URL you removed (while I purposefully did not link to the OpenID provider I used, I didn’t realize posting a link to your own site was going to be a problem, sorry). Since you don’t advertise that method, I didn’t realize that it was possible to log in without going through a third party until I looked into it this morning. If for some reason you don’t want people to use this simple and convenient login method, please feel free to delete my posts (it’s easy enough to guess the URL once you know there is one).
    OpenID is a clumsy workaround to the lack of a direct signup option but from my perspective it currently is the best third-party option among the ones you listed. I do have accounts at a couple of the sites you aren’t currently supporting but I wouldn’t want to log in through these sites anyway.

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      Keith Taylor
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      “(it’s easy enough to guess the URL once you know there is one)”
      Exactly! So, I don’t want to complicate matters for non-technical users.

      I’m not saying that there is no room for improvement. But, there are better places to discuss how this community operates. And, I also don’t advertise that yet. Because I’ve not yet completed other preparations that I feel are necessary.

      Anyhow, as the debate has started here, I’ll ask a question. But, to keep this topic about logging in to GoutPal, I’ll start a new topic: Spreading the word.

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