Low Uric acid with 300mg allopurinol. Is it Safe?

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    Eric Bolvin
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    So I just had my blood test and now my UA level is 3.6 which according to Lab corp and whatever factors they use is LOW. <3.7.
    I take 300mg of Allopurinol.
    Not really worried because it’s so close but I think I was 8.0 before treatment.


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    The lastest recommendations I’ve seen say it’s OK as long as you test above 3. And even if you test under 3 once, it’s no big deal. So far as I know, there only is cause for concern if your uric acid is super-low for years on end.
    That said, allopurinol is not an innocuous drug and so I think it would be prudent to take as little as you actually need. Have you tried taking 200mg?

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi Eb, I’m glad you finally got your uric acid safe. But you really should have agreed on a timescale with your doctor for complete recovery from gout.

    From a very quick scan of your earlier posts, I can see you’ve got at least 13 years of old uric acid crystals in your body. So, that suggests to me that you should keep current uric acid levels for now. Then review in 6 months. Once you’ve gone 6 months with uric acid below 5mg/dL AND no gout symptoms, you can gradually reduce your dose to ensure uric acid never rises above 5mg/dL.

    Please talk this over with your doctor, and discuss your plan here as well if it helps.

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