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Medication List for Stephen Read’s Gout

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      This is a list of all medications, over the counter drugs and supplements that I am currently taking.

      Non Gout/Arthritis related

      Combigan/Travatan eye drops for Glaucoma

      Homeopathic/Natural Remedies, Unda20,258,49. Allergy Tincture.
      Silymarin, remedy for Liver function
      Betaine HCI & Pepsin for digestion, ST-TN capsules for candida yeast control.

      Gout/Arthritis or pain related:
      Tramadol 50mg when needed
      Tramacet (37.5 Tramadol/325mg Acet) as needed
      Naproxen 500mg when needed *not taken at same time as Celecoxib*
      Celecoxib 200mg when needed *not taken at same time as Naproxen*
      Allopurinol 100mg daily
      Ibuprofen 400mg rarely, if needed. Does nothing for pain
      Tylenol 500mg rarely, if needed. Helps with low level pain…

      I also use Medical Marijuana under my GP’s supervision for pain and sleep issues.
      Works well.


      How Gout Medications Work media

      What’s on Your Gout Medication List?

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      Are the doses you listed what is contained in one pill? If so, what’s the maximum number of pills you would be taking each day?
      Could you elaborate about “liver function”? Because many of the drugs you listed can affect the liver. I for one wouldn’t take Tylenol (or Tramacet) for pain.

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