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    Rich Blazeski
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    hey guys,

    long time no posted

    apparentely I am in the middle of an attack, my middle toe-right foot just got swollen, started on monday..easy pain, I thought it is because my shoes which were a bit tight and I was running a bit with them..but the pain developed and now I got the tip of the toe pretty painfull, a bit swollen and a bit red..I guess it s an attack. last value of my uric acid was 5.4 ( raised from 4.3-while on 20 days of alopurinol) one and a half month ago..didn t took alopurinol since july…didn t drink meanwhile ( only a 0.3 l beer and a shoot of tequila) but I Ate tomatoes in the last 20 days, daily like 3-4 middle sized tomato per day..
    what do you think..? is this an attack..? can t be something else..

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    Hi again,
    Swelling, redness and pain does look like gout. But the redness is normally around the joint(s) and not at the tip of the toe. Gout symptoms are not always typical though.
    You started lowering your uric acid not too long ago so you could still have gout symptoms. But so far as I know, there is also a chance you never had gout in the first place. If your tests results keep coming back under 5.5 mg/dl but your symptoms do not go away next year, you may want to ask for a more thorough investigation of your problem.
    There are things other than gout which cause swelling, redness and pain. You might want to watch for signs of infection in particular like whether you cut yourself recently or your temperature. See a doctor if there is any doubt.

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    Rich Blazeski
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    Hey nobody,

    I took a Ketonal forte last evening and in the morning the pain was almost gone and just a bit of swelling, still persisted along the day in a low degree..I don t know what to say, I think it s gout ..can t be something else, altough I have a red dot like 1 cm diameter on my left foot near my ankle..I saw it since I started to have pain like 5 months ago..for 2 weeks I saw a second one started to form near it, the doctor didn t know what to say about it, no itching, no pain..just a red point and now a second one on the way

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