My gout diary.

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    Jessica Smith Seegar
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    Hello, I’m am new at this. So I hope I’m doing this right. I am not s person who is suffering from gout pain. But I am watching my husband go through it everyday. For the last month and a half he he has been having flare ups. Everyday he is in pain. This is new for both me and him. My husband also has congested heart failure. So the doctors are saying his gout is cause by the water pills. He is on allopurinol 300mg and colchicine 0.6 for right now. But everyday he is in pain. So I am trying to find a plan that will work. Gout has been a nightmare for he.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi Jessica,

    What your husband needs is:

    1. Better pain control.
    2. Confirmation that his allopurinol plan is working OK.

    I don’t have enough facts to start a gout diary yet. I don’t even know his name, let alone his uric acid levels. There’s no rush to start a diary. But, if you can post some more facts, I’ll start one for you.

    More immediate is pain control.

    I can make some suggestions to help you. But, I want to know what your husband has already discussed with his doctor about pain control for his gout. He should not be in any pain. But, clearly colchicine is not enough. What else has your doctor suggested?

    Once we get the pain controlled, we can make sure his allopurinol treatment is correct. It takes a few months. But, once uric acid is controlled properly, he will never get gout pain again.

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