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    Today, I’ve started welcoming new GoutPal Members with some information. Because I want members to feel comfortable about posting here. Then they can get off to the best start.

    I send the message from the GoutPal Helpdesk, which is for technical support, not gout questions. I will send it out to all new members from now on. Also, I will backdate it to new members from the past month.

    I really appreciate all feedback. So, if you think I can improve the following, please tell me.

    Thank you for registering on my website. I created this ticket automatically from your recent login to my website, Because I’d like to welcome you to my gout help community. Also. I’d like to share some information that should help you get the most from GoutPal Gout Support Services.

    First, I should say that you can ignore this message if you wish. Or, you can save it for future reference. There is certainly no need to reply to this message unless you have difficulty posting in the forum. Also, if you registered by mistake, you can also ignore this message. Because I delete inactive accounts after a few weeks.

    Getting Started
    For your reference, you should login in future by clicking the Facebook icon. You might also wish to bookmark your GoutPal Profile at [replaced by new member’s profile link].

    From your Profile, you can easily find all your forum posts. Also, you can Edit your Profile settings to suit you. Note that there is no option to cancel your account. But, you can do so at any time by replying to this email. Or, as I mentioned above, you can wait a few weeks, and I will delete it if it is not being used.

    Please note, this Helpdesk is for technical help so that you can use the gout forums. So, you should always post in the gout forum – I do not give private gout help.
    Also, please be aware of the GoutPal Search Box at the top of every page. Because you can use that to find gout information quickly.

    It’s Your GoutPal
    Finally, I should emphasize that GoutPal is currently in transition. Because I started it as a private project to understand and manage my gout. But, now that I have done that successfully, I want to help other gout sufferers. So, I’m in the process of organizing all my pages in a way that makes it easier for other gout sufferers to use.

    To make that transition, I rely on feedback from my visitors and from members such as yourself. So, {first-name}, if you have any ideas about improving my gout support services, please tell me in GoutPal’s Suggestion Box.

    I look forward to learning about your gout. Then, helping you control it.

    What else would help new GoutPal Members?

    Learning Gout Together image

    Let’s learn about your gout together.

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