Is your Rib Pain Gout?

Newby to group. Do I have gout in my ribs?

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    Don Woodcock
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    G’day Folks,
    New to the group but had Gout and high UA for 30 years. Just haven’t had enough attacks to do much about it. Just over 50 and starting to hurt more often than not.
    Have my UA levels done last week and as expected are high (.42). Am waiting for my script for Allopurinol.
    Had an unusual attack yesterday. Started with a niggle on one spot of my ribs near the sternum. 20 minutes later hurt like hell. Still there a day and a half later.
    Has anyone had gout in the ribs?

    Cheers Don

    Is your Rib Pain Gout?

    Is your Rib Pain Gout?

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    d q
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    hello Don,

    Sorry about the pain in the ribs mate, but out of curiosity are you sure that’s gout? I mean I’m no doctor and I understand you have gout generally but I’ve personally never really heard of it there (ribs/sternum).

    Has your doctor confirmed the location of the pain gout?

    p.s. Remember that starting allopurinol may trigger gout flares so get your rib pain checked and resolved before going onto allopurinol and have your pain relief medication at hand for when you do start allopurinol just in case.

    Keep us posted.

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    Don Woodcock
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    I hope to get to see the vet soon to get assessed and pick up a script.

    Will let you know our management plan.


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    I understand people do not usually get gout symptoms there but I had a weird gout-like thing on the ribs at one point. Unlike the typical foot/knee/hand symptoms, it didn’t last long nor was it very painful. No redness either so the location where I felt the pain might not have been the inflamed location.
    I’ve also had definitely non-gout pain in that area. Better make sure it’s not the stomach, the gallbladder or something.

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    Welcome Don. I also have never heard of Gout flares taking place in an area that isn’t typically a joint. Like Nobody says, you might want to do follow up on that. Depending on where that pain is (under the ribs, near the sternum is kind of generic) it could be one of many other things. Gallstones, Pancreatitus, or something else.

    Follow up with a doctor. You don’t want to mess with the thoracic cavity area. Lots of vital organs and vessels in there.

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