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    Jamie Mcculloch
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    Visited my GP today with a flare up. Asked me to stay off red meat and beer for 4wks and come back for tests. Why wouldn’t she take my bloods today so she can compare it on my next visit?

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    Results are sometimes off during flareups which is why doctors often prefer running tests when their patients are feeling well.
    My opinion is that she should still have taken your blood though.

    I’m not sure what staying off red meat and beer is supposed to accomplish. That may skew the data. And an effective gout diet would be a bit more complicated than that.

    Has the level of uric acid in your blood been tested before?
    If it’s never been tested, you might want to insist on getting it tested before changing your diet.

    Do you already have a reliable gout diagnosis?
    If you don’t, a strange test result during your flareup might be a useful clue so that might be another reason to insist on getting tested now.

    If you are confident you have gout and have had uric acid tests before, you could try a more serious gout diet if your old test results suggest that dieting might be a realistic solution.

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    d q
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    The ultimate question is do you actually have gout or do you and your doctor think you have what is thought to be gout?

    These questions can only be answered with specific tests which your doctor has seemed to overlook.

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    I would have insisted on a blood test if you think you have Gout. In all honesty, staying off red meat and beer for 4 weeks isn’t going to change the fact that your Uric Acid is above the “safe” level. If indeed you DO have Gout, you got this acute flare up because your Uric Acid spiked and your body response was to attack the area.

    Delaying a blood test for 4 weeks may show a reduction from the initial attack levels, but chances are your Uric Acid levels will still be high and you will still be susceptible to future attacks. Your doctors logic is silly.

    Go insist on getting it checked so that you have some sort of initial baseline so that you can get on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.

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