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    William Phelps

    I’ve just had a recurrence of Gout that was quite painful cleared up after taking Anti Inflammatory (diclofenac ) for a week, my uric acid was 6.6 on my last medical March 2016

    Is it best to take allopurinol as a precaution or just accept the occasional bout?


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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi William,

    It’s not for me to say what’s best for you. There are arguments for starting uric acid lowering treatment as soon as possible. And, there are arguments against.

    Common arguments against medical uric acid lowering treatments are risks of side-effects. Many gout sufferers claim they would rather change their lifestyle to try and lower uric acid. From what I’ve seen, very few people make a real commitment to this. So, they end up as Gout Victims.

    Personally, I’m a great believer in allopurinol as an effective treatment for gout. However, there are lots of other choices. My main role is to help you identify what choices you have. Then, when you understand your options, I want to help you manage your gout in the way that is best for you.

    Above all, realize that gout is a progressive dangerous disease. There is no such thing as “occasional gout”. However, you can suffer occasional gout attacks. In between those attacks, you suffer what the medics call inter-critical gout. During inter-critical gout, excess uric acid continues to damage you. I mentioned gout is progressive. The progression is:

    1. Gout attacks become more intense, more widespread, and more frequent.
    2. Bones, tendons, and other joint tissues become permanently damaged.
    3. Uric acid deposits (tophi) spread to soft tissues. Skin, kidneys and heart are commonly damaged. But, all organs are at risk, except the brain.
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    Is it best to take allopurinol as a precaution or just accept the occasional bout?

    William, personally I don’t take Allopurinol as a precaution. I take Colchicine as a precaution. Allopurinol is prescribed for one reason only…..to reduce Uric Acid in your body. That’s not a precaution, that’s a cure. Colchicine, on the other hand, can be taken as a precaution because it helps with inflammation, which comes as a side effect/result of excess Uric Acid. See the difference?

    I will give my PERSONAL opinion. Do NOT accept the occasional bout. If your bouts are anything like mine, then can be debilitating. Living with pain is not a way to go through life. For me, I’m lucky. I don’t expereince the side effects of Allopurinol that some people do. I’ve taken it for almost a full year now and it has worked wonders for me. My Uric Acid went from a high of 9.6 to 4.7. I occasionally get a minor flare, but with the knowledge I have obtained here and other places, I know exactly what to do to combat it and I can easily kill the flare in a day.

    Gout and Uric Acid can long term health problems to your joints. Do yourself a favor and live pain free. For me (again, personally) I’d rather risk the very minor side effects of Allopurinol than spend one day in Gout pain.

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