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    I wrote Organizing your Personal Gout Diary for all GoutPal members who have just got their free Personal Gout Diary. If you want one, please see How to start your Personal Gout Diary.

    Firstly, remember this is just a filing system. So, it works best when you organize it so you can find things quickly. But, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect. Because, we can edit old topics and move replies around to make it suit you as you learn more.

    Secondly, there are two main ways to organize your gout diary. So, your choice is between separate topics for different aspects of your gout. Or, put everything into one topic. Obviously, there is a middle ground as well. So, a good way to start is to create one topic that hardly ever changes, with one to record changing events as they happen.

    Your “fixed” topic includes things like:
    – Decade you were born in. This is slightly better than your age, because it doesn’t need changing every year. It only needs to be approximate (for those shy about revealing their age).
    – Year you were diagnosed with gout.
    – Country where you are getting gout treatment.
    – If you are interested in food and diet solutions, you should also include height and weight.
    – Optionally, you can add what you want to get out of GoutPal. Because that helps me frame my responses better.

    Your “events” topic includes things like:
    – Uric acid test results.
    – Other relevant test results.
    – Starting and stopping prescriptions.
    – Starting and stopping OTC treatments.
    – Daily symptoms – joint affected, and indication of seriousness.

    Finally, I think it’s good to keep a note of particular questions that you are looking into. This is slightly different from asking questions in the forum. Because, you expect the answer to come from further reading, or asking your doctor. But, if you want me to respond, create a separate topic, and check the “This is a support topic” box. Also, you can use that method if you want me to move a reply from one of your topics to a different topic. Or, if you want me to merge topics together.

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