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    I’ve just had a helpdesk note about contacting me by email, and how difficult that can be.

    It’s actually very easy to get my email address, and hundreds of people bombard me with emails every day. If I could make my email addresses harder to find, I would do. So, you might be wondering why a committed Internet user would want to hide in this way. To explain, you need to understand the economics of my life.

    Firstly, and least significantly, there’s money. I earn my living on the Internet, by publishing websites. I’m committed to providing high quality information without charge. So, I fund that from advertising revenue and commissions. Therefore, I try to do everything in public. Because, public Internet pages are vital to my revenue. Also, by publishing publicly, everyone can see what I’m about. I hate hidden agendas. So, you can see that I’m not trying to push a book, or dodgy “special report”. Last month, this forum earned £16.15 ($20.36 at April exchange rates), before costs.

    As an aside to that, I’ve been guilty of failing to differentiate clearly between information content and advertising. So, if you spot such breaches, please let me know. Then, I can design better distinction so you know exactly which is which.

    Secondly, there’s my economics of time. By which I mean I want to efficiently help as many people as I can. So, if I personally respond to emails, I’m helping one person. But, by responding in public, I can help thousands. Also, as a second aside, other people can join in and share their experiences and opinions. So, we all benefit from a richer learning experience.

    Finally, there’s my larger economic perspective. Slowly, but surely, I’m introducing ways where other people can earn and learn online as I do. It’s too early for me to publish details about that. But, if it’s something you are interested in, we can talk about it here, in General Discussion.

    In a nutshell: if you can’t tell me something in public; I doubt I want to know it. Exceptions to that are easy to manage with a public introduction that avoids confidential information.

    I’m genuinely interested in your opinions about how I conduct my life. Do you have any ideas how I might do this better?

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