Red skin on gout area

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    Anthony Truong
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    Does anyone else have this issue? The skin on top of my right foot on and near the gout area on my big toe gets very red from time to time. I notice that it is extra red when i take off my socks or after wearing house slippers. Is this a minor attack? The affected area does not swell up like a normal gout attack and there is no pain.

    I had my first gout attack back in early September 2017 and did not start on UA medication (Uloric 80 mg) until November. My last major attack was back in early December and have not had a major one yet (fingers crossed). My UA level last time i checked in December was 4 mg/dl.

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    I used to get little patches of skin redness on a regular basis.
    If you don’t have much UA in your blood, small deposits which come in direct contact with the blood could melt away before they have a chance to cause swelling and pain.
    If your skin redness is gout-related, considering your UA level it should stop occurring before long.

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