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    steve tidesley
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    Hi, I have been suffering gout attacks for about 10 years, gradually increasing in severity until last year when I had the mother of all attacks. Anyway, after treatment with Adenuric 80 and about 4 months of attacks it all seems to have settled down. My drug regime was reduced to half a tablet a day and I have been OK for about 4 months now. My question is 1) How often should I have checks. 2) Do I still need to keep such a close watch on my diet as I was doing before treatment.
    By the way I am 65years old
    thanks steve tildesley

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    How regular your checks need to be depends on your status. You want to make sure you’re doing well not only with regard to uric acid (the cause of gout) but also with regard to the side effects of the drug you take every day. If none of your test results are a cause for concern, a check every 6 months or so may be sufficient. But in many cases, people need more frequent checks during the first year of treatment.
    If you just cut your dose in half, it’s important that you get a blood test in 3 to 6 weeks. You need to make sure half the pill is enough. In most cases, it is more than enough. But everyone is different.
    How careful you need to be about your diet also depends on your tests results… and not just on your latest result but on your whole history. Every case is different. But people can usually relax their diet without issues after they get better.
    We might be able to provide more useful advice if you posted your test results in sufficient detail.

    Finally, I do not wish to discourage you but you may not be out of the woods yet.
    People who have not treated their gout for 10 years or longer often require a good bit more than 4 months for the cure to complete its work. But the worst months should be behind you.

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