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    I usually write about my wild ideas on my personal blog.

    I’m going to bore my GoutPal friends with this one. Especially as it was inspired by Pamela. She pricked my conscience when she made me realize how lucky most of us are. Anyway, this could be the start of something big. So, it’s best here, where 3 people might read it. Better than the obscurity of my personal blog.

    Prompted by Pamela, I realized I was taking my easy access to professional medical treatment for granted. But, it’s not just the far reaches of Egypt that are denied fair treatment. I’ve lost count of the number of veterans who’ve complained they can’t afford reasonable medical care. From, ordinary people, who just want to live safely. To, forgotten heroes, who sacrificed for their country. What can we do to make lives better? Well, here’s an idea…

    Combine advertising with charity!

    Charivertising is where a vendor offers something useful for sale. To promote it, he pays for advertising. But, he can divert some of his advertising budget for charity.

    Publishers like me, have advertising space to fund free help services. But, I can divert some of my advertising space for charity.

    Consumers like you, have loads of money to spend on stuff. So, you are very happy if a percentage of what you pay helps the needy.

    Here’s how it might work. I’m going to use an example of Carl from Uriciplex here. If you’re reading this, Carl, I apologize for not responding sooner. Clearly, subconsciously, I was waiting for inspiration for a suitable response. The basics of charivertising are:

    • Carl posts some information about Uriciplex. It includes an ordering link.
    • I replace my commission links for Uriciplex to links to Carl’s topic.
    • GoutPal members add their comments to Carl’s topic, to keep it fresh.
    • Each month/week, Carl posts how many products he’s sold from the GoutPal link(s). And, how many products he’s prepared to give away.
    • I create a Free Uriciplex topic, inviting members to bid for a free products.
    • GoutPal members vote for the bids that they identify with most.
    • At the end of the week/month, I pass contact details of winners to Carl, who sends off the free products.

    My biggest doubt is lack of interest. Carl offered some free products, but nobody bothered to ask for them. Though, if this was a live service, I’d certainly be promoting it more.

    Clearly, there’s lots of detail to sort out. Leaving that for now, let’s look at the principles.

    Should Charivertising be a word?

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