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    Keith Taylor
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    My support services are free, and I hope they always will be. Therefore, I cannot afford to advertise. Yet, members who login through most of the services can easily spread the word for me through various channels. Is it not better to encourage this? Or, do you have better suggestions for encouraging new GoutPal members?

    I originally posted this to a topic about logging in to GoutPal. I should have created a separate topic. So, here is your opportunity to discuss fantastic new ideas for spreading the word about the wonders of GoutPal.

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    I have no idea how most people use the Internet. It’s a big world out there. Both advertising and promotion through any of the services listed above would have been lost on me but maybe it would be effective with some people.
    My assumption would be that the single most important thing that’ll bring you traffic is to have useful and accessible content on your site. Good search engines want to provide such content to their users and there is no drawback to having good content.
    Encouraging people to log in with Facebook and Twitter might possibly make a difference (I wouldn’t know) but many of the sites you listed are not going to be of any use when it comes to the promotion of your site.
    The thing is, is it a good tradeoff to encourage people to promote your site on Facebook by discouraging people who are not Facebook users from posting? More to the point perhaps: what about people who would rather not make information about their medical conditions public? If I was a Facebook user, I wouldn’t want to link my account here with my Facebook account.
    It’s fine for people who aren’t sharing information on your site to promote it on Facebook and such but, frankly, I wouldn’t want to operate a non-commercial site that has a database that happens to link personally identifiable information with medical information. I don’t know about the relevant laws in your jurisdiction but what I happened to stumble upon in statutes and offical guidelines over here would make me tread carefully. And as I mentionned above, making an account at your site did involve a request for personally identifiable information…

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