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      chris mousel

      Hi Just an update. My original question was answered beautifully. Had no real tra k record of labs, no diagnosis ever given. The symptoms I was experiencing seemed to be crystal resolving- but completely unknown.
      Well I had an episode of painless swelling to my right knee. Unable to bend, joint felt unsteady. 10 cc of fluid was drained from my knee and yes no more question about.
      Gout crystals found but ” not a lot “.
      I don’t know wether to laugh or cry?
      The doctors are still not impressed!
      Thank You to the forum , because you helped me understand what was happening. I don’t know what the future holds but I’ll remain on the eating journey I began and go one day at a time.
      My last crystal dissolving event was in September of 2018; lasted about 14 days which was not fun and this knee swelling event is the latest.
      I did get a steroid injection to the knee and function returned pretty quickly.
      I guess more lab work to follow being done in one week.

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      “Not a lot” of crystals is consistent with the SUA test results you’ve posted. And “not a lot” is too much.
      Furthermore, while we do not know how high your SUA used to be, that you have any crystals with a SUA tests coming back under 7 also suggests gout (crystals do not form so easily in the bodies of people who do not have gout).
      Keep getting your SUA tested! Nearly every test should come back with a value under 6. If it doesn’t, you should consider medication or possibly eating a lot of foods known to lower uric acid.

      Rest assured to you are not the only one in a “laugh or cry” situation! Here’s a model for self-reinforcing medical malpractice:
      Start by neglecting and misdiagnosing patients who have mild gout.
      Then, when a patient with mild gout annoys doctors enough to get some tests done, their result will be different from the results of the gout patients the doctors are used to. Use this fact as an excuse to dismiss the patient with mild gout.
      And so the next time a patient with mild gout shows up the doctors will have no experience in diagnosing or treating them even though there are many other patients with the same problem.

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