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    Julie Donnell

    I have lumps on my finger that are suspected gouty tophi. I will have an ultrasound scan to confirm this shortly and I am expecting confirmation. In the last few days a small opening developed on my finger and I was able to squeeze out very small amounts of chalky fluid.

    Once the diagnosis is confirmed then my doctor will prescribe allopurinol. I understand it is quite unusual for tophi to be the first symptom of gout as it usually forms after someone has been experiencing gout for some years.

    A blood test showed my uric acid to be within the normal range. I have now read a fair amount of information about gout and tophi but I do not seem to be a ‘normal’ patient as tophi is my first symptom.

    Do you have any advice I should follow at this stage in order to manage the gout that will become a part of my life?

    I will form a plan but I think the first step will be to get onto the medication?

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Gout pain is actually a complicated process, Julie. Because of that, some people do not get the painful immune system response that average people get. So, in some ways that’s a blessing. But, it also means you get a huge uric acid crystal burden before you get to treating your high uric acid.

    However, it seems like you have a good idea to start allopurinol. So, let’s hope that idea becomes a good plan. If you need help with planning your allopurinol therapy safely, just ask.

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