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      Chase Maclennan

      Here is how to lower your uric acid levels quickly and easily.

      Step 1. 1 to 3 tsb of apple cider vinegar per day mixed into a drink or food. You can purchase urine ph test strips to tell well you are balancing your ph.


      Step 2: Eat 1/4 of a head of red cabbage every day. Cherries have a flavinoid class called anthocyanins that act as an xathine oxidase inhibitor. The problem with cherries is they are not very high in anthocyains compaired to some other foods, they are very high in fructose (which gets converted to uric acid), they are expensive and hard to eat lots of. Red cabbage contains way way more anthocyanins compaired to cherries. You would have to eat tons of cherries to get the same amount of anthocyanin compared to red cabbage. Nobody has studied whether or not red cabbage lowers uric acid, but I am certain it is a lot more effective than cherry juice.

      See page 69 for red cabbage:


    • Xanthine oxidase inhibitors are dose dependent. So basically that means that doubling the dosage makes them twice as effective.

      If someone can test there uric acid before and after this diet that would be great. I am sure it works. You should notice your uric acid levels going down a point or so within a few hours.

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    Chase Maclennan

    To add to the post:

    The cabbage has to be red and it has to be raw.

    Cherries contain about 30 mg/100 grams Cyanidin. Red cabbage has 209 mg/ 100 grams cyanidin.

    Cherries have been shown to lower the risk of gout attacks.


    Cherry juice also help the kidneys remove more uric acid from the blood.

    Also keep in mind that lowering uric acid levels can trigger gout attacks.

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