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uric acid level 4.3. Is 300mg Allopurinol the right drug?

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    Gary Engel
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    uric acid levels good have had gout in big toe about 15yrs ago.the pain is around the Achille’s tendon or on the side of the foot prescribed 300mg allopurinol for joint deterioration. After 2wks pain almost gone 2wks later pain back.This drug controls acid problems my readings were 5.3 five yrs ago and 4.3 recently, blood sugar and cholesterol all good am I on the wrong drug

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    Keith Taylor
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    My best guess is you read your uric acid blood test result wrong. I imagine it actually says 0.43mm/L or 430μmol/L. Or, sometimes people look at urea, which is something else.

    If you like, Gary, I can check this for you. Just take a photo of your uric acid blood test result. Then click the Orange Gout Help button. Because that takes you to my Helpdesk form which allows you to attach files. Alternatively, you can save photographs on servers like Google GDrive, or Dropbox. Then, post a link.

    Uric Acid Blood Test Results Example

    Always include Units when you post blood test results. But ignore “normal” values because they are medically meaningless.

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