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    Ryan D
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    Hi. Hoping to get some answers.

    I was just tested for Uric Acid after my foot/ankle has been hurting for a month when I walk.

    The results came back 10.0 and my doctor prescribed 100mg of allopurinol.

    I just have two questions:

    1) Is 10.0 really that high that I need to take medicine (allopurinol)?

    2) Another doctor friend told me to be careful because allopurinol will break down the crystals in my body and could form a kidney stone. Is this true???

    3) How long will allopurinol take to lower my levels to normal?

    Thank you.

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    1) I’m no doctor but 10.0 seems high enough to be dangerous. You might want to double-check that value with a second test before starting a daily medication though.
    Among things which can raise uric acid are: certain foods and alcohol (when consumed without moderation), strenuous exercise, certain drugs as well as certain serious diseases. So you want to make sure you aren’t taking a drug which increases uric acid (in that case, perhaps you could change that medication instead of adding yet another drug to your regimen). And if you have had old blood tests showing a much lower value for uric acid, you want to make sure you’ve been checked for the most common diseases which can increase uric acid.

    2) Allopurinol could in principle lead to kidney stones for a different reason. But so far as I know, it’s on balance more likely to protect you from kidney stones in the long run. Breaking down the crystals might lead to an existing stone passing though. Anyway, that’s not a reason to avoid allopurinol.

    3) It’s different in every case. It depends on how efficient your body is at getting rid of uric acid and on how much allopurinol you’re taking (you’ll probably need more than 100mg per day but it’s safer to start with a small dose). In any case, your will most likely need to keep taking allopurinol for quite a while after the level in your blood has dropped before your body is cleansed of the crystals.

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    Ryan D
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    Thank you for your answer nobody.

    My uric acid tests in the past year are:

    January 2017: 17.4
    May 2017: 10.0
    March 2018: 10.0

    The last one (March 2018) is when I had my bad ankle/foot issue (still have it) and that lead the doctor to prescribe me Allopurinol.

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    Unless you’ve exercised vigorously before every one of these tests or something, it definitively looks like your uric acid level is high enough for concern.
    Even if uric acid has nothing to do with your ankle/foot issue, chances are that letting it remain that high will in time cause you harm. There are risks involved in taking any drug as well of course so this is a matter of getting the balance right. That’s your doctor’s job. Just make sure they’re dutifully monitoring how your body handles allopurinol (blood tests for liver and kidney function in particular are recommended after starting the drug).
    Be aware that if you are prone to gout, taking allopurinol could trigger a violent attack (in which case it was only a matter of time before you experienced something like that) and that it will take a long time before your symptoms are cured. In other words, allopurinol doesn’t replace a drug which controls inflammation. If you experience swelling and/or are in pain, you will need at least one other drug on top of allopurinol so make sure you have it on hand. You don’t want to wait for an appointment with your doctor when gout strikes.

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