Vegetarian food diet to control gout and blood sugur

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    I looked at your cearl table from positive to negative which means positive no on gout pal index is better for gout, since I am pure vegaterian which food I can eat to keep Uric acid low and keep sugar low as well.

    I was following Dr. axe on line suggestions for gout take celery seed extract and tart cherry extract which lower uric acid.

    Does lemon water helps you Reducing uric acid in body.

    Thank you

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    Keith Taylor
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    Thanks for your question about vegetarian gout diet, Sam.

    In theory, vegetarian diet is a good starting point for gout. Now, you have to tweak your gout diet to maximize it’s uric acid lowering potential. That can’t work by adding certain foods that might lower uric acid. We need to look first at total food and drink intake. Then, we can identify and test certain food changes.

    If you don’t want to do a full diet analysis, I have to ask you more about your ideas on lemon water:
    1. What exactly do you mean by lemon water?
    2. What will you remove from your existing diet to make way for the lemon water? (i.e. with what are we comparing lemon water, to see if it lowers uric acid?)

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