what can I do to reduce uric acid?

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    Edward mwamburi

    I have a tendency of gout attack at an interval of about 2 years. I am a moderate drinker of alcohol mostly beer.

    This week I had an attack and on the 2nd day I went to the doctor who took my blood sample for test of uric acid. The following day my gout on the big toe had subsided without any medication but the results indicated I had uric acid in the blood of 7649.8 against the normal range of 210-420.

    what can I do to reduce it?

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    GoutPal Seeker
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    Hi Edward,

    You say your uric acid level is 7649.8! This must be a misprint. Please check carefully, and repost your exact results.

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    Edward mwamburi

    Thank you doc for your advice.

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      Keith Taylor
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      No doctors here!

      GoutPal is a support service for gout sufferers. It is run by a gout sufferer with no medical training.

      If you are concerned about your health, you should consult your doctor.

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