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    Barbara Patterson
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    I have been taking Allopurinol for approximately 7 weeks. I started with 100 mg. And after few weeks reduced to 100mg. I got a itchy rash on front of my my, and my liver enzymes started to increase. My dr said to stop taking it. Are there any known side effect when stopping this drug that important to know.

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    Be aware that side effects such as your rash (if it is indeed due to allopurinol) may take a few days to go away after discontinuing allopurol.
    It’s not really a side effect but discontinuing allopurinol might trigger gout. There are other uric acid drugs you might take instead of allopurinol to avoid this problem.
    Good luck!

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    Pat Stanton

    I’ve never heard of this… but I’m not a doctor either. I’ve been taking 300mg once a day for a long time and it has been very beneficial to me not getting flare ups. and I eat and drink things alot that would give me gout if not for the medicine

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