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Research Map Help

All gout sufferers can benefit from seeing how gout topics connect. More importantly, you can learn to use Maps to help plan treatment and speed recovery.

So I’ve provided some simple hints now. In other Help Pages, I will explain how you can go beyond using my maps. Because you can amend my templates for your gout. Also, you can create your own gout management maps from scratch.

Research Map Help Purpose

The purpose of this page is to explain how Gout Research Maps work. So that you can organize your personal gout research in the best way.

This supports the Purpose of GoutPal. Because having clear, relevant information at your fingertips helps you discuss your options with your doctor.

Also, you can use maps to keep a record of your doctor’s advice. So that helps you stay on track between appointments.

Introducing Gout Research Maps

Maps are a great way to show how different aspects of gout link together. Eg, Gout Learning Maps can show how uric acid leads to gout pain. Or Gout Control Maps can show the steps you need to take to stop gout pain.

There are lots of things that affect gout. So there are lots of opportunities to make gout management clearer. Because maps are all about the connections between “nodes”.

The Map starts with a basic statement. Then “child” nodes connect from the “parent”. Some maps are complicated with extra “families” and extra connections (arrows). But maps are usually very intuitive to follow. Especially because you can use a mouse/finger to move quickly around the map. Also, you can use keyboard cursors to move sequentially.

Finally, you can see extra details where nodes have a notebook icon. Also, jump to external web pages for more information where you see a link icon.

Accessing Gout Research Maps

Currently, all maps are presented as web pages that you usually reach from a screenshot of the map on a GoutPal information page.

Also, I’ve started a list of available maps which you can browse. As the collection grows, I’ll add filters to the list so you can find your most relevant gout topics quickly.

In this version, my maps are read-only. But in future editions of Research Map Help, I will explain how to create your own maps and personalize my templates.

Using Gout Research Maps

Moving Around

As you move around the Map, the border of the selected node changes to blue. So from the starting point, you can use the cursor keys to move vertically or horizontally.
To move further, click the mouse to select where you want to go.

Hide/Show Detail Groups

Large maps can be overwhelming when you are learning a complicated topic. But MindMup makes it easy to hide too much detail. The hard part is remembering which key does the hiding and showing. So I think ‘F for Family’. But apparently, it’s officially ‘F for Fold’. Also, you can use the / key. Go and try it now! It’s really powerful on a big map.

Notes 🗒 & Links 🔗

Finally, look at the top right of boxes on the map (nodes). Because you can find more information in notes or links. Clicking on the notebook icon (🗒) reveals notes about that item. Or click the link icon (🔗) to move to a different page.

Research Map Help Summary

You have learned:

  1. Why Gout Research Maps are important for your personal gout treatment management.
  2. How to use the free versions of GoutPal Gout Maps.

Gout Research Map Help: Next Step

If you fully understand the Summary above, you are ready to use GoutPal Maps. Or Google Gout for your next concern.

But if you are still unclear about Gout Research Maps, you can get more help. So see GoutPal Care for where to go next.

Leave Gout Research Map Help to browse Gout Research Pages.