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How to ask Gout Questions

Do you know how to ask gout questions? I understand gout. I know that to help you properly, you have to tell me how gout affects you personally. Here’s why…

I understand the agony of gout.

A gout attack is physically very painful. You need the pain to stop. You need pain relief now! How can you get the best help for you?

There are other types of gout agony. There’s mental anguish of worrying when pain will strike next. There’s agonizing about what you can eat, or what you must avoid. There’s the despair of worrying what to do next.

I understand how to control all forms of gout agony. You must understand how to ask the right gout questions.

I understand how to control gout

You want to end your agony. You want answers fast. Here’s a quick guide to how to ask gout questions. If you ask in the right way, you get faster answers. If you provide the right information, you get better answers.

If you like explanations, read them now. If you want to skip explanations, get fast answers at how to provide the right information.

Last year, I introduced GoutPal Helpdesk service. Originally, this was to provide technical support. I intended to help people use my gout support services better. I wanted the Helpdesk to help me improve GoutPal for you. Instead, my Helpdesk was inundated with the questions I hoped would be asked in the forums.

That taught me my old gout forum was “too clunky.” I’ve started to fix that by moving it to this new platform. I’m improving each GoutPal gout support service. I’m adding more gout support services. You can push this, by adding your suggestions for improvements. Also, add replies to suggest refinements or to say why you disagree with the suggestion.

I need to understand the agony of YOUR gout

Gout affects every sufferer in different ways. There is no single solution.

I have to know important facts about you before I can give you the right answers. Anything less than your personal solution is bad for you. I am not like thousands of other gout websites. I will not give you pointless general solutions that do not work for you. I will give you the personal gout care that you need.

How to ask Gout Questions

The fastest way to ask gout questions is in the gout forum. If you cannot use the gout forum, you can get technical help from my Helpdesk.

Get the best, fastest, most relevant answers by including this information:

  • Relevant test results, especially uric acid blood test results. Please include the approximate date. For uric acid test results, always give the measurement scale. There are three different scales, and you can see examples in the multicolored table in the right-hand sidebar. See Uric Acid Levels Chart for more information.
  • Exact names and doses of all current medication
  • Your country, gender, and approximate age (something like ‘born in 1950s’ will do).
  • When did you first notice gout symptoms? How do those symptoms affect you?
  • What advice has your doctor given? If you have not consulted a doctor, please explain why.

If your question is related to food or diet, please tell me:

  • Height, weight, and normal level of activity (e.g. daily, weekly, or no exercise)
  • Your favorite foods and drinks
  • Foods that you think you cannot eat, including reasons

For all problems, please explain anything you have already tried. If you have not tried anything else, please confirm that.
For all messages, if you refer to something you have read, please share the link to it, or provide the official title.

When you have that information, choose which Gout Group you belong to. That page helps you identify which group you belong to. Then, there is a link to give you specific guidance for asking the right questions.

Do you just want to share your questions, opinions, and experiences about gout in your own way? Then, ask your gout questions in GoutPal’s gout forum.

If you get stuck, you can get help on how to use the forums and other gout support services. Ask your technical questions in GoutPal’s Helpdesk. Another way to send messages to the Helpdesk is the Feedback form below.

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