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Improving GoutPal’s Gout Help Methods

Improving GoutPal’s Gout Help Methods is aimed at GoutPal visitors who want to help improve my gout support services. It is also of interest to all Gout Sufferers who want to understand the best ways to get help for their gout. This is a discussion about currently available gout help services, and how we can improve them.

In Gouty Arthritis Sufferer Or Not, I introduced several GoutPal Help Methods. All GoutPal visitors can choose as many of these help methods as they like. I am preparing guidelines that explain how each help method works. Those guidelines will also explain which help method is best in different circumstances.

My overall aim is to allow GoutPal visitors to see what they can do now to help their gout. Then, what they can consider doing next. In this way, gout sufferers have complete flexibility in deciding how they will manage their gout.

The most important starting point is to decide Which Gout Group Am I In? For each group, I am preparing exercises, lessons, management plans and guidelines to help them move forward. Effectively, I am reorganizing GoutPal to give you a step-by-step procedure for managing your gout, whatever your starting point is. It’s a long process. But, all the building blocks are in place for your personal plan.

You can get a personal gout management plan in the forum today. There’s no need to wait for me to document all the procedures. This page, and similar explanations about Using GoutPal should help you move forward quicker. If they don’t, you can add your comments below. Then, together, we can improve my services for you, and all other gout sufferers.

GoutPal’s Gout Help Methods

I am documenting my gout help methods now. Once complete, this page is here for you to suggest improvements or ask for clarification. You should ask any other questions about gout in the gout forum.

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Which help method helps you best?

My Gout Help Methods are:

  • Reading
  • Researching
  • Asking
  • Learning
  • Trying
  • Doing

The first 2 are anonymous. Others require you to contribute in public forums. Nicknames are allowed in forums if you prefer to hide your identity.

These are general categories of gout help. In my facts pages, I describe specific things you can do to help understand the topic.

Are there other help methods that would suit your learning style better? How about watching videos, listening to audio, or joining a “studio discussion”? I can help you best when you tell me which help methods work best for you.

2 thoughts on “Improving GoutPal’s Gout Help Methods

  1. Keith Taylor Post author

    I just flagged You And GoutPal for review. I need to update it for different help tiers:
    – Secret GoutPal Help (anonymous).
    – Public GoutPal Help (Casual and Structured).
    – Confidential GoutPal Help (private consultancy).

    It would be nice to make this a comprehensive comparison that explains access to the 6 GoutPal Help Methods, listed above.

  2. Keith Taylor Post author

    So, I’ve started to move my focus away from Public, to Secret Gout Help. But, that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the forums. To be clear, I’ll continue to contribute to public gout forums every day. But, I won’t be developing new public gout support services until I’ve mastered Secret Gout Help.

    The reason is, by my most optimistic estimates, less than one in a thousand GoutPal visitors engages with public support. So, it’s logical for me to focus on the 999 who need better anonymous gout help.

    I’ve dipped my toe in the water, with I give secret help to all gout sufferers. Also, I’ve realized the key to making anonymous help improvement easier[*]. So, I’m committed to making sure the majority of visitors find the help they need quickly. Please let me know what you think about I give secret help to all gout sufferers.

    [*] I realize that’s cryptic. It’s all about making sure every type of gout sufferer can easily find their own path to Gout Freedom.

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